Niathu Group of Hotels & Resorts

About Niathu Group


Established in the year 2005, Niathu Group currently has 4 beautiful properties under its umbrella – Hotel Vivor in Kohima, and Niathu Resort, Noune Resort and Niathu Villa in Dimapur, Nagaland.

Every one of our establishments is located on prime property and easily accessible by road, rail and air. Guests can relax during their stay, surrounded by nature and fresh air, while still enjoying modern amenities like air conditioning, internet connectivity and satellite TV. Niathu Group of Hotels and Resorts aims to provide the perfect solution for those looking for comfort and luxury while taking in the culture and traditions of the Naga people.

A popular destination is the Hornbill Festival during the month of December, where visitors can experience the varied cultures of the different tribes of Nagaland conveniently in one location. Our establishments and services cater to visitors looking to relax and take pleasure in the melting pot of Naga heritage while enjoying the best modern amenities. With us, you can peek into our tribal traditions in comfort and luxury.

For anyone looking for some adventure in the hills, information and guidance can be provided by the management at any of our hotels or resorts. Activities include fishing, trekking, cycling and camping. Whether you want to rough it out or take it easy and relax, it is our undertaking to make your time in Nagaland an extraordinary experience.

Niathu Group has a mission – to embrace and reflect the hospitality of the Naga people and the heritage of our destination by providing our guests with quality and unforgettable experiences through our ceaseless dedication to every aspect of service.